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The Society’s STEM Action Grant is designed to award innovative organizations using creative solutions to do work that supports our mission—to inform, educate and inspire people from all walks of life to engage in STEM.

Please complete this application to tell us about your organization and the work you do, and how the Society’s funding will support your goals. Our evaluators will review all submissions after the deadline (May 1, 2024) and will notify applicants of the results in June. Funding decisions are at the discretion of the Society. Learn more about the STEM Action Grant Program.

The application will close on May 1, 2024.

Thank you to our sponsors Regeneron and Science Sandbox, an initiative of the Simons Foundation.

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As you are completing the form, your responses can be saved as a DRAFT until all the required information is completed. As each section is complete, you will see a appear in the category tab when the form is saved. At any time, you can download and print your form by clicking on the icon in the Form Summary section.

5. Submit

On completion, save your form as FINAL. Download and print a copy of your form for your records by clicking on the icon in the Form Summary section in the right column.

If you require assistance or additional information, email the contact for the form you are completing.

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